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For the health & healing conscious communities of Mt Shasta, McCloud, Northern California and Southern Oregon

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" If you are feeling out of kilter and don't know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answer.
Find the sore spot and work it out.
" ~ Eunice D Ingham


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Health and wellness is an individual quest. We hope that you find these links informative.

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Professional Partners...

The International Institute Of Reflexology ~ USA
Celebrating Over 60 Years of Instruction and Experience

ART~ Advanced Reflexology Training ~ Anthony Porter
Evolvement of the orginal concept

Reflexology Association of America-USA organization

ARCB ~ American Reflexology Certification Board
Promoting professional Reflexology standards

Other links... Mt. Shasta guided tours year round-hiking,
skiing, vehicle tours, step-on bus guiding and "Integrative Health Care
& Wellness"

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  • Relaxation and relief from stress, tension and anxiety

  • Improved circulation, flexibility,elimination, blood supply and lymph flow

  • The promotion of nerve energy and supply

  • Pain relief and reduction

    Reflexology is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment.
    Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat for any specific medical condition.

    Pauline Cox
    (530) 261-5623



    Reflexology sessions are available in Mt Shasta, McCloud
    Siskiyou & Shasta Counties, Northern California & Southern Oregon