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" If you are feeling out of kilter and don't know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answer.
Find the sore spot and work it out.
" ~ Eunice D Ingham


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" I have been living with lower back pain due to numerous car accidents for many years. I have tried medications and other treatments to relieve the pain, but none of them worked for an extended period of time. I received a reflexology treatment from Pauline and my pain has literally gone. I feel like a new person.The message here is... I saw you and have been pain free." ~ TK, Sacramento,CA

"Reflexology has helped me relax and have a feeling of whole wellness. Thank you, Pauline. You do have magic!" ~ M. Barr, Hammond Ranch

" It is a good way to supplement my stressful work week." ~ Sean Malee, Doctor of Internal Medicine & parent

"I love my sessions with Pauline. After each session I feel saturated, completely relaxed and my moods are more tamed since I started reflexology with her. It is so addictive, in a constructive way!" ~ Yvonne Malee, Stakeboard Park Coordinator & parent

"Each treatment I have received from Pauline at Mt Shasta Reflexology has been a delight and has greatly contributed to my healing. (Just think of the conditions you have worked on over all these months)... You helped bring my foot back from plantar fascitis I created by exercising in the wrong shoes. You helped me regain function after my back went out and you are continuing to help me balance my system to overcome hyperthyroid and migraines. Thank you! I would not have been able to come this far without your skills and your dedication. You and our hands are angels in my life."
~ L. Webb, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"My husband, Jack and I have been getting our feet reflexed by Pauline since she opened her business. We find it wonderfully soothing and relaxing. We both are in good health and our intention is to stay that way. We have no remarkable stories to relate but do know others with serious health conditions that have been greatly helped by Pauline. Pauline is dedicated, specifically educated and so informative as she reflexes. We feel fortunate to have her services available to us." ~ Jane & Jack Hoffman, Mt Shasta, CA

"I have had several reflexology sessions with Pauline and she is a marvel. I always felt alot more relaxed when I left and just knew I had done something wonderful for myself and my over all well being. I do not hesitate in recommending that anyone try reflexology with Pauline. You'll be amazed! ~ A.S. Ashland, OR

Pauline's understanding of reflexology is remarkable. She clearly has a genuine feel for her profession. Her technique is effective and definitely has facilitated my own process of healing and well being. She has a combination of firmness and strength, yet she is also gentle and compassionate. I am grateful for the positive results I get ( at several levels) after a session with her." ~ M.H. Lake Shastina, CA

I love to get a reflexology session with Pauline Uri just for an overall tune-up. I always feel better and more relaxed when I do. However, I have also had some amazing results with her for some very specific issues. Perhaps the most noted was when my back went out to such a degree that I could hardly walk. The pain was intense and persistent. After one session with Pauline working the reflexes on my feet, it was 90% gone, and it did not return. I was not only thrilled but truly impressed with both the effectiveness of a reflexology session to relieve such a specific issue and also with Pauline's ability as well as her knowledge of her profession. I would certainly recommend her to anyone without hesitation." ~ Elizabeth Jones, Mt Shasta, CA

Involved and committed to Highschool sports it was very disturbing to be medically diagnosed with a large hydrocele in the groin (swelling in the testicle), requiring surgery that would temporarily stop my sports activities. I had only 19 days until surgery would be scheduled and had a lot of resistance to pulling out of sports for surgery and the required healing time. It was recommended I try reflexology with Pauline. For the 19 days I was willing to try anything. I had my feet done 6 times. Pauline showed me how to reflex places on my hands and wrists and had me work on my own feet for a few minutes each night. The reflexology was very relaxing but some spots were very sore when she worked on them. Sometimes I even fell asleep in her chair. The morning of the 17th day the hydrocele swelling was about 50% less. The next morning it was gone. I was so happy and relieved. According to the medical doctors re-absorption does not occur in teens and adult males. But it happened for me. All I can say is I am thankful for Pauline's skill and her willingness to work me into her schedule around all my games and practices. And I have


learned a little bit about reflexology and my body, too. I would recommend Pauline and the opportunity to try something new. I am glad I did." ~ High School Student, anonymous by request

"I had had a good experience with reflexology 13 years ago, before moving to Siskiyou County, when a friend used me as a practice client. In 2005, I read Pauline's write-up in the newspaper and thought I would try reflexology again. On my first visit I arrived planning to take my pain medication the moment I left the session. However, much to my surprise and delight, I drove home feeling so relieved ~ I did not need the medication. I tried so many adjunct therapies, some were helpful. Reflexology has definitely helped me cope with chronic pain and Pauline is a gifted reflexologist." ~ A.B., Lake Shastina, CA

"During my first session many reflexes in my feet hurt so much I found myself snatching my feet out of Pauline's hands!
Ouch! I had inflammation in my feet that is gone now & my circulation & flexibility is so improved. After a series of sessions
my feet & I enjoy ourselves & I feel frizzly champagne energy up my legs to the various organs that need it--you are a Godsend, Thank You Pauline." ~Josette dePendragon,  Mt. Shasta

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